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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Charity Navigator's Top 10 Charities with Perfect Scores (Vol. 2)

Each week, Charity Navigator highlights a list of ten exceptional charities that are hard at work on a particular cause or issue. 

Today, we’re featuring ten of the charities who have earned perfect scores from Charity Navigator. This is no small feat. These organizations are effectively achieving their missions while remaining committed to the highest standards for financial health and accountability and transparency.

Fisher House Foundation
☆☆☆ + Impact
Helping military families

Fisher House Foundation, Inc. is an international not-for-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for members of the military, retirees, Veterans and their families. The Foundation builds comfort homes at military and VA medical centers and gifts them to the government. It assists with the coordination of private support and encourages public support for the network of comfort homes known as "Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Houses." It works to educate and inform the military and Veterans' communities, their families and the general public about Fisher Houses and provides necessary support to individual Fisher Houses as needed. Other quality of life programs include scholarship programs, a grants program for volunteer organizations with innovative plans for quality of life projects, the Hero Miles and Hotels for Heroes programs and individual assistance to members of the military and their families during a crisis.

American Himalayan Foundation
☆☆☆ + Impact
Bringing shelter, safety, education, health, and opportunity to the most vulnerable people in the Himalayas

The American Himalayan Foundation is dedicated to helping people in the Himalaya who are in need and have no one else. In these remote regions, people often struggle without access to schools or clinics, thousands of young girls are in danger of being sold into modern-day slavery, and traditional ways of life are disappearing. We focus on essential things that can, and do, transform lives - opening doors to education and healthcare, preventing girls from being trafficked, helping families become financially independent, building stronger communities, and keeping ancient cultures alive. Our projects are led by local partners and respond to the priorities of their communities, in a way that respects both tradition and innovation.

Ozarks Food Harvest
☆☆☆ + Impact
Transforming hunger into hope

Ozarks Food Harvest has a mission of Transforming Hunger into Hope. This simple statement serves as a meaningful summary of Ozarks Food Harvest's goal to supply as much food as possible to individuals in need. The Food Bank rescues, warehouses, processes and distributes food and supplies to 270 nonprofit hunger-relief organizations in 28 counties, reaching 30,000 children, families and seniors weekly. 

Founded in 1983, Ozarks Food Harvest is the Feeding America food bank for southwest Missouri. The Food Bank distributes 15 million meals annually, made possible with a network of member charities and direct-relief programs, such as the Weekend Backpack Program, After-School and Summer Food programs and Mobile Food Pantry program. Ozarks Food Harvest's facility, the O'Reilly Center for Hunger Relief, holds a superior food safety rating from AIB International.

Hope for Haiti’s Children
☆☆☆ + Impact
Making a difference… One child at a time

Hope For Haiti's Children (HFHC) is a faith-based organization founded in 1995 in order to demonstrate Christian compassion to poverty-bound Haitian children and their families, providing opportunities for these children to become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. Today, there are over 1,600 children sponsored in ten different schools associated with churches of Christ in central and southern Haiti. Currently Hope for Haiti's Children average 100 new students per year to the Child Education Sponsorship program. HFHC follows a sustainable approach in this work, having established an in-country network of trusted local Christian educators, business leaders, and other professionals who carry out the day-to-day operations.

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation
☆☆☆ + Impact
Rise up for a faster cure

Founded in 1991, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation exists to raise money to fund pediatric cancer research. Our focus is to fund research which will lead to the elimination of pediatric cancer worldwide. In addition to funding valuable seed grants throughout the state of Florida, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation has developed The Sunshine Project. This is an innovative collaboration of the nation's top doctors and researchers with one goal: to fast-track new treatments and increase the survival rate of children battling cancer. Since 2005, we have implemented the groundwork necessary to introduce less toxic, more targeted drugs into clinical trials. New compounds are currently being tested in these trials and hold great promise for children who have not experienced positive results under the standard treatment protocol.

Last Chance for Animals
☆☆☆ + Impact
Alleviating animal suffering and exploitation

Founded in 1984, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) recognizes that animals have the ability to experience pain, and as such they deserve certain basic rights protecting them from pain caused by humans. LCA believes that non-human animals should not be subjected to suffering and exploitation by humans because alternatives exist for nearly every traditional usage of animals. LCA opposes the use of animals for scientific curiosity, entertainment, clothing, and food. LCA recognizes the use of non-human animals in medical experimentation as both immoral and of questionable scientific validity due to the tremendous biological difference between species. LCA's work advocates conscious and informed lifestyle decisions, and LCA is committed to disseminating truthful information about societal animal abuse to improve the treatment of animals.

San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity
☆☆☆ + Impact
A world where everyone has a decent place to live

Habitat for Humanity, strives to create a world in which everyone has a decent place to live. All Habitat for Humanity affiliates share this vision and the following mission statement:

Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. 

Zoo Miami Foundation
Our mission is to encourage an appreciation for the world’s wildlife and to help conserve it for future generations

Zoo Miami Foundation is the non-profit support organization for Zoo Miami. Zoo Miami Foundation was founded in 1956 when the Zoo was located in Crandon Park at Key Biscayne. Starting in the mid-sixties, Zoo members spearheaded a campaign to include plans for a bigger, better zoo on the Miami-Dade County "Decade of Progress" bond issue. Voters approved the bond in 1972 and nine years later Zoo Miami opened its gates at its current location.

Today, Zoo Miami Foundation is one of the largest membership organizations in South Florida. Its Board of Directors includes community leaders in Miami-Dade and Broward counties who are committed to the education, conservation and recreation goals of Zoo Miami. While Miami-Dade County operates and maintains the Zoo, Zoo Miami Foundation, backed by its strong membership, supports Zoo Miami's programs and enhancements.

Durham Rescue Mission
☆☆☆ + Impact
Restoring families and giving hope

The Durham Rescue Mission is a faith-based, non-profit organization. Our primary goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work on the cross. The Durham Rescue Mission is achieving this goal as we minister to the homeless and addicted in central North Carolina. Our Mission is to meet through the power of Jesus Christ the needs of the whole person: spiritual, educational, emotional, physical, social, and vocational, so that those who are hurting may become fully functioning members of society.

Southern Environmental Law Center
Using the power of law to protect the environment and health of the Southeast

The Southern Environmental Law Center uses the power of law and policy to protect the environment in six states: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. SELC's attorneys work in all branches and at all levels of government to defend healthy air and clean water; to protect the region's forests, coasts, wetlands, and other native landscapes; and to promote vibrant and livable communities across the Southeast.

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