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Friday, April 27, 2018

Fun Ways to Get Involved this Arbor Day!

Communities across the country will observe Arbor Day this weekend. This day, begun in the United States more than 130 years ago, is a time to recognize the important role trees plays in our environment and plant more trees in our neighborhoods for future generations to enjoy.

Let Arbor Day be your reason to get outside this weekend. Check out these fun ideas to celebrate this day with your family or friends.

Plant a tree!

After all, it’s what the day is all about. 

Get in touch with your municipality or a local organization to learn about the tree planting events in your area. Then, grab some gloves, a shovel, and get to planting!

Organize a scavenger hunt.

Learn more about the trees in your community through a scavenger hunt. Look for the biggest, smallest, oldest, and rarest trees near you. Or, look for different tree varieties.

Clean up a park.

Take some time to pick up litter, tidy up flower beds, or straighten up the playground in your local park. It will make the space more enjoyable for people and families who will use it all summer long. And, may even enable them to sit and notice the trees all around them.

Learn something new.

Holidays like Arbor Day are the perfect time to challenge yourself to learn something new. Visit your library to find a book or spend some time online researching the history of Arbor Day or a tree native to your region. 

Make a donation!

Whether you're able to get outside on Arbor Day or not, you can still celebrate by making a donation to a highly-rated organization work to protect and conserve our trees and forests for many years to come. Check out Charity Navigator’s Arbor Day Hot Topic to learn more!

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