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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Take A Look! These Highly-Rated Charities are Promoting Healthy Vision Around the World

Healthy eyesight and good vision care are things most of us take for granted. But, for some in the United States and many people around the world, good sight and eye care are not a guarantee. Thankfully, there are organizations committed to providing vision care and curing conditions like macular degeneration and blindness in communities around the world.

In honor of Healthy Vision Month, Charity Navigator is featuring a few of the highly-rated charities working to eradicate vision issues and improve access to eye care.

Sankara Eye Foundation, USA
☆☆☆ + Impact
Help us eradicated curable blindness

Founded in 1998, the mission of the Sankara Eye Foundation, USA (SEF, USA) is to realize the goal of eradicating curable blindness in India. We initiate and drive community eye care activities in India by working with eye care organizations such as Sankara Eye Foundation, India which runs Sankara Eye Hospitals across India. SEF USA has increased the number of specialty eye care hospitals from 1 in 1998 to 9 by 2017. The number of free eye surgeries is performed at an annual rate of 160,000 as of 2017. The goal is to perform 500,000 free eye surgeries per year. SEF has performed over 1.66 million free eye surgeries as of Nov 30, 2017.

Doheny Eye Institute
☆☆☆ + Impact
To further the conservation, improvement, and restoration of human eyesight

Founded in 1947, the Doheny Eye Institute works to further the conservation, improvement and restoration of human eyesight. Today, Doheny Eye Institute is a top-ranked research, education, and patient care group of organizations working together under an affiliation agreement between Doheny Eye Institute, and USC's Doheny Eye Medical Group and Department of Ophthalmology. Our vision is to become the premier vision research, education, and tertiary patient care eye institute in the world through the discovery of new knowledge, innovative eye care, and the education of the leaders of ophthalmology and vision science.

Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation
To screen, treat, save, and restore sight and hearing for those in need

Since 1959, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation has taken an active role in protecting the health of Oregonians. Through nine direct service programs related to sight, hearing and health assistance, the Foundation has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of youths and adults in our state. Consistent access and critical health solutions are offered to the most vulnerable members of our community who are uninsured or under-insured.

Charity Vision
☆☆☆ + Impact
Our vision is restoring theirs

Vision is our mission. Restoring vision to people in developing nations is our cause. We are an organization with a focus on empowering local physicians and creating a sustainable solution to the blindness epidemic. Since 1986 Charity Vision has provided over 375,000 charitable surgeries to people suffering from needless blindness. We have built local networks in over 25 different countries and we average about 36,000 new sight procedures every year. The secret of our success lies with our local physician partners throughout the world. We provide our skilled local physicians with the surgical equipment and supplies they need to be successful. They provide their talent and time at no cost. The result is a network of developing health services systems that perform charitable surgeries free of charge.

International Eye Foundation
Saving sight worldwide since 1961

Founded in 1961, the mission of International Eye Foundation (IEF) has been to prevent blindness and restore vision in the developing world. IEF's programs focuses on four key areas: confronting the leading causes of blindness in the developing world - cataract, trachoma, onchocerciasis, and vitamin A deficiency; reducing the cost barriers associated with purchasing necessary ophthalmic equipment and supplies; providing additional technical training for local nurses and ophthalmologists in developing nations; and improving management structures and financial stability of local eye clinics and hospitals.

You can use Charity Navigator’s Advanced Search Tool to find even more highly-rated organizations working to prevent blindness and promote healthy eyesight.

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