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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Highly-Rated Charities in Montana

Each week Charity Navigator highlights a few of the highly-rated charities working in one of the 50 states. Today we’re featuring a few of Montana’s outstanding organizations.

The organizations in this list are leaders in identifying and supporting creative ways to conserve Montana’s wilderness, providing unique opportunities to individuals living with disabilities, and addressing human service needs. These highly-rated charities, along with their communities and Montana’s other outstanding organizations are making a real impact in Big Sky Country.

Montana Wilderness Association (Helena, MT)
☆☆☆☆ + Impact
Protecting Montana’s wilderness heritage, quiet beauty, and outdoor traditions

For more than 50 years, the Montana Wilderness Association has been working with communities across the state to protect Montana’s wilderness heritage, quiet beauty, and outdoor traditions. The Association’s commitment to grassroots conservation has proved instrumental in the passage of the 1964 Wilderness Act and in the designation of all 15 wilderness areas in Montana. The Association envisions a future where from “the rugged mountains to the vast prairies Montana’s wild places are protected, connected, and restored because of the citizens of [Montana] value wilderness as essential to [their] heritage and way of life.”

Yellowstone Art Museum (Billings, MT)
To become an extraordinary cultural destination for creative exchange and growth

The Yellowstone Art Museum exhibits, interprets, collects, and preserves art, with an emphasis on Montana and its surrounding regions, for the enrichment, education, inspiration, and enjoyment of all. The Museum values imagination and the passionate education of enthusiastic and curious minds of all ages. The seek a future and place to live that is enhanced through engaging art of uncompromising quality.

Northern Plains Resource Council (Billings, MT)
☆☆☆☆ + Impact
Organizing Montana’s citizens to protect our water quality, family farms and ranches, and unique quality of life

The Northern Plains Resource Council is a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group that organizes Montana citizens to protect their water quality, family farms and ranches, and unique quality of life. Their mission is to protect the state’s greatest assets: its quality natural resources, the character and viability of family-based architecture, and the ability of citizens to shape the public policies that affect their land, water, and lives so they may continue on for future generations.

Eagle Mount (Bozeman, MT)
Everybody has challenges. We have adventures.

Since 1982, Eagle Mount has been transforming the lives of people with disability and children with cancer. Eagle Mount open up a world of adventures-skiing, horseback riding, swimming, campaign, rock climbing, kayaking, cycling, fishing, and other activities that foster freedom, joy, strength, focus, and confidence. Eagle Mount is committed to focusing on people’s abilities, while gently supporting their disabilities. Following its founders' wishes, Eagle Mount never turns anyone away that cannot pay and does not accept any government funding.

Greater Gallatin United Way (Missoula, MT)
☆☆☆☆ + Impact
Focusing on the big picture

Greater Gallatin United Way’s mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of its surrounding community. They believe that no one organization can work in isolation to solve complex community problems. As a leader in collective impact-driven work, the Greater Gallatin United Way addresses the human service needs of Montana’s Gallatin, Madison, Meagher, and Park counties. They work to identify the community’s health, education, and income needs; raise funds to support their work, and invest in solutions to address these needs at the community level.

Montana is home to almost 40 highly-rated charities. You can find even more great organizations working in the Big Sky Country using Charity Navigator’s Advanced Search Tool or Discover feature.

Written by Ashley Post, Communications Manager at Charity Navigator.

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Kathy said...

Montana Food Bank Network. We have a lot of hungry people in this state!

Ashley Post said...

@Kathy - Montana Food Bank Network is another great charity. You can take a look at their 4 star rating and impact report here: https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=10622