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Friday, December 14, 2018

“Rage Giving”: How to Find a Charity that Turns Your Rage into Action

This guest post was written by our friend Danielle Cheesman.

“Don’t go to bed angry.” It’s the divisive recommendation that couples (usually newly
cohabitating, engaged or married) have received since time immemorial, long enough
that many have rightfully begun to question whether the advice is sage or
shortsighted—with the latter arguing that, on the contrary, a clearer head is the clearer

But when it comes to altruism, might we argue that being angry is, in fact, a welcomed

“Rage giving” is what happens when one is so infuriated, insulted, affected by
whatsoever’s livelihood being endangered that it incites protection via philanthropy. The
salve for that fury and frustration—which can so often feel aimless or empty—ends up
revealing itself in the form of charitable donations to causes and organizations that will
work to combat such threats.

Charity Navigator itself reported that after Donald Trump’s first 100 days in
office—following an election that left the nation at odds—contributions to advocacy groups saw huge increases, proving that political protests could, in fact, be made with a click. 

“Rage giving” reinforces that there is value to what has subjectively been deemed
insignificant. It calms the angry by giving them control. It aids the jeopardized by giving
them assistance.

So, click away. Martin Luther King, Jr. supported his philosophy of nonviolence with six
fundamental principles in his book Stride for Freedom, but even he had this to say
about the important influence of outrage: “The supreme task is to organize and unite
people so that their anger becomes a transforming force.” 

Might we argue that this is a far better recommendation to live by?

You can use Charity Navigator to help focus your fury. As the nation's largest independent charity evaluator, they provide free charity ratings and other resources to help you find a trustworthy charity that is fighting for the cause you believe in.

Written by our friend Danielle Cheesman. 

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