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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Three things you really want as a donor to keep giving to charity

If you care about giving back, you’ve probably navigated many different charity-donor relationships. While many charities do a great job of keeping their donors in the loop, others can leave you guessing about where your money went, and how exactly your donation helped make the world a better place.

The best charity-donor relationships are honest, open, and respectful. That’s why you can ask charities for what you need - transparency, clarity, and equal partnership in their cause.

Ask for transparency 

One common factor among successful fundraising campaigns that stand out from the noise is transparency. That means they openly share information about how donations are going to be used to help support their mission. As a donor, you aren’t just an ATM. You have every right to this information. It’s not a sign of mistrust, but rather a powerful motivator for you to keep on chipping in and making a difference! 

Transparency can take many different forms. Charities can list the intended use of funds where donors can see them before you decide to give or stay in touch with those who donated as the campaign progresses, making updates on how far they’ve come with their help. 

To encourage transparency, your first step as a donor is to soften any judgments towards overhead costs like payroll. People who work at charities deserve good working conditions that power their motivation and progress. To encourage charity transparency, it is important to recognize and accept the true costs of delivering their programs.

Get updates about the impact of your support

And it’s not only transparent communication that matters - it’s what that communication says. Many charities think sharing statistics and numbers with their donors once a year is enough when it comes to proving the impact of their work, but to help you understand the real-world impact of your donation, charities need to move beyond dry reporting. Fortunately, improvements in fundraising technology make this much easier and less costly.

Imagine if you received monthly progress reports from projects like a school healthy lunch program you’ve supported with recurring contributions. If you heard stories about the kids you helped eat well each month, wouldn’t that be inspiring?

Be a Partner, not a Donor.  

When charities treat their donors as important allies, everyone wins. As a donor, there is so much more you can do other than just give money to the cause. The best nonprofits get their supporters heavily involved, celebrating all the achievements and milestones they’ve accomplished - together! 

Here are some ways to act like a partner: 

Spread the word.  

Every time a charity sends you news and updates - share it where you can! Charities don’t have big promotional or marketing budgets, so every share counts. 

Fundraise for them. 

Birthday fundraisers are the most popular forms of supporting organizations but don’t limit yourself. You can use any special occasion to raise money for your charity!

Follow and engage on social 

Behind every social media post, there is a team fighting to spread awareness. Liking and commenting lets the algorithm know to boost the charity’s content and help them attract new supporters.

How to Ask 

If you would like to see more transparency, communication and involvement from a charity you support, there are so many ways to ask. Try reaching out on social media or by email, letting your nonprofit know that because you care so much about their work, you would love to see more about how they’re making it happen. Remember, everyone benefits from good donor-charity partnerships! Written by Daryl Hatton, a founder and CEO of FundRazr, an innovative, award-winning global crowdfunding platform. Daryl is an international speaker and thought leader in online giving and philanthropy. A serial entrepreneur who loves the challenge of building companies from scratch, he has founded multiple start-ups and helped bring one, Optio Software, to a successful NASDAQ IPO in 1999. Today he serves as a board member of PayPal Giving Fund Canada as well as an advisor to multiple Canadian and Silicon Valley-based start-ups.

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