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Monday, January 25, 2021

A holiday season unlike any other: Responding to needs during COVID-19 and making an impact to the community with our clients

2020 will go down in history as one of the most significant years that the world has seen. When we started the year, nobody would have imagined that the world would come to a halt overnight, yet that’s exactly what happened. We witnessed something that we’ve never seen before. The Coronavirus spread through countries and continents faster than we could have thought with waves of lockdowns and travel restrictions that left businesses paralyzed and millions unemployed.

Nothing about 2020 was normal.

Like every other business, we at Magic Edtech were quite nervous when the unprecedented COVID-19 closures hit us. However, being in the EdTech space, we were also aware that we probably had an opportunity to help others.

To give you a little background about Magic EdTech, Magic helps educational publishers and EdTech companies develop and distribute digital learning products and platforms. Essentially, we enable the shift from physical to digital learning by providing products and services to other learning companies.

With schools and colleges closed, teachers and students were forced to move to digital platforms and products overnight. While the shift to digital learning has been coming for a decade, it hasn’t been not until now that we saw this rapid adoption. Our role as a digital education enabler came to the fore. We worked very closely with our clients to help them develop and transform their digital platforms and courses so they could, in turn, help make this shift easy for their users, students and teachers.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have not only survived the impact of the pandemic but also to have helped students and teachers during these tumultuous times.

However, not many have been this fortunate. The recession caused by this pandemic has had a tremendous impact. For this reason, when the holiday season came around in 2020, we decided to shift our holiday gifting strategy to ensure that we do our bit to include people who needed our help. Not because it is a good thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do. We wanted to pay it forward because that’s what members of a strong community do. They help each other, and that’s how the community progresses.

As a part of our holiday traditions, every year, we send our clients gift bags to celebrate our partnership and thank them for their support and trust over the years. This year, however, we decided to do away with the gift bags and instead, partnered with our clients to donate to a charity of their choice. They shared a cause or a charity that they closely associated with, and we would make donations to those charities on their behalf. 

When we discussed this idea internally, it was loved by everyone and approved instantly. Our teams were thrilled. However, when it came to executing this plan and managing the associated logistics, we were foreseeing many issues and complications.

This process had numerous steps involved. First, we had to get each customer’s charity of choice. That would possibly give us a list of hundreds of charities. Then, we would have had to visit each website and make the donation. We also wanted to donate on behalf of someone (our clients). Not many charity websites had this option. 

We were scratching our heads to come up with the right solution, and that’s when we stumbled upon Charity Navigator.

With Charity Navigator, this process became extremely smooth. They have one of the most comprehensive lists of charities. Not only that, there is a tremendous amount of research and information provided for these organizations. While some of our customers had their charities decided, many were undecided on which charity to opt for. Charity Navigator’s comprehensive database was a great help for them. They could go through the list and select a charity of their choice.

The best part about using Charity Navigator was its Giving Basket. We could add multiple donations and pay for them in one go. It was as easy as shopping with any major retailer online and helped avoid multiple manual transactions

All in all, our gifting experience was smoother and more meaningful than we could have imagined.

We wanted  to do our bit for the community. Our clients enabled us to do that, and Charity Navigator made the execution possible.

Written by Dipesh Jain, AVP, Revenue Operations at Magic Edtech. Dipesh is an Education Technology advocate and a Sales enthusiast. He currently heads the Marketing, Presales, and Inside Sales teams at Magic EdTech. To learn more about Magic Edtech, visit: https://www.magicedtech.com/

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