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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Meet the Charity Navigator 2021 Summer Interns: Andrew Lora

Hello, my name is Andrew Lora, and I am the Marketing and Communications Intern at Charity Navigator. This summer, I have been faced with several different projects. At its core, my internship requires me to contribute to the creation of informative and impactful communications for donors and nonprofits. 

I hit the ground running as soon as my internship began.  I was faced with my first project. I was asked to research something that potentially would affect millions of Americans: The Eviction Moratorium. It is interesting, that as I write this, the moratorium expired amid talks of a reinstatement. Although this has been an unfortunate consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, I did not have any insight on the moratorium. It was completely new to me.  I was faced with my first real challenge. I had until the end of the day to prepare a draft of a Hot Topic. I learned that speed, coupled with accuracy, are important to the creation of Hot Topics—carefully created lists of highly-rated nonprofits vetted by the analyst team responding to crises across the nation and around the world. I had to educate myself on the subject matter, summarize it, and present it for review. It was then that I realized how challenging some of my assignments would be, but I was here to learn and gain new skills. 

With my next assignments, I was tasked to draft birthday recognition emails that would be sent to Charity Navigator donors, and reorganize the ‘Tips for Donors’ page on the Charity Navigator website. 

The birthday emails were much simpler and lighthearted. I thought the project was actually quite fun. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to write something that would acknowledge the people who support Charity Navigator and other nonprofits that they admire.

The reorganization of the Tips for Donors page was definitely the more hefty project that demanded a lot more strategic thinking and time. Before starting this assignment, I discussed the requirements of the assignment. I was as prepared as I could be to start and finish the project. Although I faced many obstacles that made it challenging, I was able to complete the assignment. 

Throughout my time at Charity Navigator, I have gained new skills and enhanced others that I hadn’t had the time to address intently before. Some of those include verbal and written communications, responsibility, flexibility, time management, and creativity. 

This summer internship experience provided me with an opportunity to interact with so many different and wonderful people. Some have expressed their willingness to connect me to others who may be able to advise me about my future career plans. I also had the good fortune to interact with different members of the Charity Navigator team and the other summer interns. As my time comes to an end, I’d like to thank my fellow teammates Kevin Scally, Charity Navigator’s Chief Relationship Officer, and the Marketing and Communications Director, for making my time at the organization memorable. 

Written by Andrew Lora. Andrew begins his sophomore year at Drew University in the fall. He is leaning towards the Engineering and Architecture fields of study. During his first year, he was a part of Student Engagements on campus and was a Board Member for the LQBTQ+ Mentorship Program. This semester he will be a Resident Assistant, a part of the Orientation Committee, Student Program Coordinator, a board member for BSU, and a board member and mentor for the LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program. All of what he does is preparing him to work in a career, aligned with his passion for helping others. 

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